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Conversation Between Two Friends On The Weather In Their Cities

Two friends are talking to each other on the phone after a long time. They eventually start discussing the weather in their cities/towns.


AMRITA:   Hi Bharati, How are you?

BHARATI:           Hi Amrita, I am good.

AMRITA:   How you doing?

BHARATI:           Yeah, I am doing good. What about you?

AMRITA:   Great. How are your parents?

BHARATI:           They are very fine.

AMRITA:   and your job?

BHARATI:           good. What about your job?

AMRITA:   very nice

BHARATI:           How are you feeling today?

AMRITA:   I am fine, actually three months back I wasn't feeling very well. Now I have recovered. and what about you? how s your health?

BHARATI:           yeah I am also

AMRITA:   Okay and how's the weather over there?

BHARATI:           Yeah it's very hot and the temperature is around 37 Degree

AMRITA:   you must be getting tanned?

BHARATI:           yeah, what about over there?

AMRITA:   I have heard the blistering heat over there is ruining everyone's peace. Is it so?

BHARATI:           Yeah. In some areas it is like that, but in my area it's not like that.

AMRITA:   Okay

BHARATI:           What about there?

AMRITA:   It's not very hot over here and not very cold, but in the evening it's quite pleasant.

BHARATI: Then, you are so lucky to be in that area. I think I'll come there for a week

AMRITA:   Wow, when are you going to come?

BHARATI: I'll tell you later.

AMRITA:   Okay. Bharati, I have got to go and let's catch up some time later then?

BHARATI: Okay bye.


The conversation contains errors and is in simple English. In the session, words and phrases like 'Blistering heat' and 'basking in' were recommended to talk about the heat.


This is a basic introduction between two people.

Bharati: Hi, I'm Shambhu Bharati.
Samir: Hi, I'm Samir Bharati. Nice to meet you.

Bharati: Nice to meet you, too. What do you do?
Samirl: I'm a university teacher. How about you?
Bharati: Me too! What university do you teach at?
Samir: I teach at Patna University. And you?
Bharati: Oh, I teach at Bihar University.